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Robie's Chronicle

Or, A Young Lady's Commentary on Life

Robie Kentspeth
3 June 1965
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I love to:

cook (well, or so I'm told),
write (writing can be agony but having written is so very sweet),
read (omnivorously),
sing (with great joy and a little skill),
act(fairly well),
dance (with great joy and some skill),
play the piano (with great labor and not much skill at all)
and hang out with my sweeties (there are not enough words to express how joyful this is!)

I also like to do laundry, work with wood, sew, and lounge around.

I would like to make films, buy my Mom and sister each a house, and do more chaplaincy training leading to actually being a chaplain.

I can find something to like or admire about everyone. Really.

I've been to Burning Flipside three times, lived in New York City from 1994 to 2003, and lived all over the rest of the world the rest of the time. I currently live in Austin, Texas. I love the people (there are very supportive communities here, especially creative and alternative-lifestyle communities). I am, perhaps, not so fond of the climate. I really like evenly spaced, distinct seasons.

I hope something today makes you really happy.